Punxsutawney Phil 2011

So will we have Spring or will we have more Winter? If I got my vote I say bring us spring! I am tired of all of the snow and cold. Punxsutawney Phil 2011 saw no shadow today.

Punxsutawney Phil 2011Since Punxsutawney Phil 2011 saw no shadow that means that we are supposed to have an early spring. Good groundhog! Every year in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania there is a big hooplah over the groundhog. This started long before Punxsutawney Phil 2011.

I am not talking about the Bill Murray groundhog day either. 1841 was when the first year this tradition started and it’s been going ever since. If you are not in Punxsutawney,PA you can still celebrate this great day with the app for Android that counts down the minutes until spring gets here. I am just glad that Punxsutawney Phil 2011 said we are going to get an early spring.

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