New Zodiac Signs 2011

The buzz is dying down a little bit but there are still some people that are confused. There was a report spread across the internet that was believed to be true. The report said that the horoscope was wrong and that there was a new 13th sign called Ophiuchus. Well the new zodiac signs 2011 turned out to be wrong.

The new zodiac signs 2011 were told to us by the star gazers and “professionals” but they forgot to do their research fully. The thing that they did not think about is the fact that we go off the seasons for the horoscrope. This zodiac is called the Tropical zodiac. The new zodiac signs 2011 would only apply to those that go off of the sidereal zodiac.

The sidereal zodiac is followed mostly by the people who are in the Eastern world. I believe they knew about the earth wobbling though so they most likely are not freaking out like many of the people in America were. There is no need to go remove your tattoos because there is no new sign dates. The new zodiac signs 2011 was faulty information.


  1. Ray says:

    Only dumbass reactive people would remoce their tatoos (read into that what you may). FYI, Vedic Astrology (India and hence your Eastern reference) accounts for the exta constellation in its star signs. I personally had issues with my character traits of my Western star sign. I could never reconcile my desires and compassion with my sun sign.

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