ERCOT: Conserve Energy

The severe weather that has been going on has really messed up a lot of different things. There are roadways being shut down. You see many people that are unable to get to work and now there are energy problems. ERCOT is asking that everyone conserve energy.

For those of you that do not know what ERCOT is it stands for Electric Reliability Council of Texas. They were founded in 1970. This council is extremely concerned about what might happen if people keep using electricity at the rate they are using it right now. ERCOT says that the severe weather has led to the loss of more than 50
generation units.

Besides for those 50 generation units there are more that are likely to go because of the weather conditions. It seems that there are going to be rotating outages until the load is reduced through conservation and restoration of generation units. This will lead to a lot of unhappy people who want and need their electricity. ERCOT believes this can not be avoided.

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