Curtis Grant: Signs With The Buckeyes

There has been a lot of big news and surprises for the Buckeyes on recruiting day. Most of the surprises have been good ones however. One of the best pieces of news that they got was about one of the higest rated linebackers coming out of high school. Curtis Grant decided to sign with the Buckeyes.

When Curtis Grant picked Ohio State I am sure there were a few people at the school that were very excited. During the new conference he said that he liked the way that the staff at Ohio State recruited him. He said that it was different from all of the other schools and it seemed like they showed him the most love. Whatever may have happened we now know that Curtis Grant is with the Buckeyes.

This may really change the way that 2011 will be for Ohio State. He really could be an impact player in 2011. There are some other things that are going on with this team so they need a good player. Curtis Grant will have to be the bright knight since Chris Carter was arrested yesterday on allegations that he was fondling girls.

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