Mitch Mustain: Arrested

Tuesday night was not a good night for this former Souther Cali backup QB. He was arrested on suspicion of selling prescription drugs. This is said to have happened in the San Fernando Valley according to police statements made on Wednesday. This may be a dark day for Mitch Mustain.

Mitch Mustain is just 22 years old. He was arrested by the West Valley narcotics officers just after 8 p.m. Tuesday. Officer Bruce Borihanh said that he was booked on a $30,000 bail. The details of the Mitch Mustain arrest were not immediately released.

There were reports that he was released on bail but the officer would not confirm it and he was still listed as in custody on the jail’s website late Wednesday morning. His senior year was completed for the Trojans in 2010. The school had no contacts listed for him and we are not even sure if he has an agent. Mitch Mustain has been preparing for the NFL draft.

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