Super Bowl 45 Commercials

This bowl game is going to be one of the biggest and best. This game of all games gathers millions of viewers from all over. Not only are there going to be many viewers but there are many advertisers that are excited about getting their ads in front of all of these viewers. There are many people wondering if the Super Bowl 45 commercials are going to be better than last year.

I believe that Super Bowl 45 commercials are going to blow the old ones out of the water. While survey shows that there are not going to be as many people watching this year there is still going to be a huge audience. A huge audience means that advertisers are going to be going all out. I am excited to see which of the Super Bowl 45 commercials is going to be the favorite.

It seems that a lot of different ads have been leaking out on the internet. One of the ones that I am excited to see on the big screen is the one about a young Darth Vador trying to learn how to “use the force”. There is one that I am not interested to see and that is called “Test Baby” which shows a baby slamming into a glass wall as a joke. There are going to be some interest Super Bowl 45 commercials but I think this is uncalled for.

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