2011 New Zodiac Signs

2011 New Zodiac Signs
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Oh the horror! Could the horoscope possibly be wrong and all of the results that have come across our screens every day to tell us what is going to happen be wrong? There has been a little bit of discussion over this matter and the recent discoveries. What is the latest verdict over the 2011 new zodiac signs?

When it comes to the 2011 new zodiac signs I am here to tell you that the information that came out was faulty. The sky watchers had told us that the zodiac was off and there was actually a new sign ( Ophiuchus ) that was going to have to be added to our horoscope. It was all very confusing. When it comes to the 2011 new zodiac signs you can quit worrying.

You do not have to remove your tattoos. Everything is still the same since the Western world goes off of the Tropical zodiac and not the Sidereal zodiac. This simply means that our zodiac goes off of seasons and not the position of the stars. Now you know all about the 2011 new zodiac signs.

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