Obama Triggers Blackouts

Obama Triggers Blackouts
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Alex Jones from Infowars is always into something that has people getting in an uproar. Today on the site they were accusing The Obama administration of implementing the rolling blackouts in Texas and across the rest of the country. Record cold weather is killing the US but people are saying that Obama is doing this just to lay seige to the coal industry. They say that Obama triggers blackouts but do you believe that it is true?

Obama triggers blackouts is a pretty huge accusation. This really isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the Infowars site however. They are also responsible for the V for Victory campaign. Who knows if it is true that Obama triggers blackouts?

It is said there is a deeper plot when it comes to this however. They believe that Obama wants to launch a takeover of infrastructure under the global warming scam. They think that this could help usher in the post-industrial collapse of America. As of right now there is no solid proof that Obama triggers blackouts.


  1. Alaska Libertarian says:

    You can view the video yourself of Obama specifically saying that he will tax the coal industry to death and that anyone trying to get into the coal business or who is already in it will be “bankrupted”. You tube it or go to Alex Jone’s website to view the video. This is fact.

  2. stephen says:

    how can you say “As of right now there is no solid proof that Obama triggers blackouts.” really? carbon taxes are not connect to that in any way? get real

  3. Beau says:


  4. Jennyburger says:

    Lacy, are you so scared to admit there could be something to this “conspiracy” theory? Come on! This is why Americans continue to see, even the cold, hard, facts as “conspiracies”…because people like you don’t have the brass b@lls to call a spade a spade! Do your own research for a change and stop calling AJ an alarmist (in so many words) for doing all the leg work!

    You want facts? Then Google BO’s comment about bankrupting the coal industry on YouTube. Then, read this fresh news article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110202/ts_alt_afp/mexicousweatherstorm_20110202234748#mwpphu-container
    Don’t forget to read some of the excellent comments from informed Americans!

  5. youvement says:

    let the sheep sleep. they will get it soon enough.

  6. Aaron says:

    Sycophants of the Criminal System in power within DC and their State collaborators are running scared of the growing number of people waking up to their treason against the Country, as well as humanity in general. They have to try and co-opt the information coming out on alternative outlets with disinformation as soon as possible, especially with the daily reports on Info Wars. The thing is, the people aren’t buying it anymore and we are calling you sell outs and letting you know that your tactics are failing. So, keep on using Info War Headlines to drive traffic to your sites to try and drive the herd through your Judas Goat gates. Eventually you will realize that the numbers of people willing to blindly follow your pied piping off into the abyss are growing less and less. Alex Jones has been speaking on our present circumstances for years always speaking Truth to power and everything he has ever said you cognitive illiterates have attacked with lies, ignorant statements and base opinions. Well, time has told the story and everything he has ever covered has proven to be true as shown openly now within the public realm. Alex Jones has proven himself as undeniably trustworthy. More so than any main stream news reporter operating under military industrial complex under their Banker Masters.


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