2011 New Zodiac Signs

Thousands of people are still in a tizzy about the change in the horoscope. I thought that most people had figured out that the “latest” information on the stars was faulty. Star gazers had told us that the Earth and the position of the stars had shifted so that meant that our horoscope and zodiac had changed. If this had been true it would have left us with 2011 new zodiac signs.

Well I have good news for you when it comes to 2011 new zodiac signs. This information was not true for the Western world. The reason it was not true was because we actually go of the Tropical zodiac. The 2011 new zodiac signs had people in an uproar but you can calm down now.

The Eastern world goes off the Sidereal zodiac which changes with the position of the stars but we are safe. The horoscope has not changed. You do not have to remove your tattoos because you have a different sign. You now know the truth when it comes to 2011 new zodiac signs.

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