TxDOT: Stay Off The Roads!

The last week has had many different states scrambling to fix up the roads. There have been wrecks and injuries all over the place. Even down in warm Texas there have been some pretty tough road conditions. TxDOT is urging drivers to stay off the roads.

TxDOT is working as hard as they can to sand bridges and overpasses. These are the most dangerous places that you can be. Make sure that you stay off these areas if you do decide that you must venture out. TxDOT says that they can not urge drivers enough to stay off the roads.

The spokesman Bob Colwell says that no matter what they have done it’s impossible for anything to thaw until noon. All ten counties within the region have the same road conditions. Everyone is reporting that it is slick and dangerous. I suggest that you listen to TxDOT and stay off the roads.

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