New Zodiac Sign: Is It For Real?

If you are an every day horoscope reader you may have been in on the recent star gazer scare. There was information that the horoscope had changed because the Earth had wobbled and now was not in line the same way anymore. Well that information was actually true. The information about the new zodiac sign was not true however.

The reason that the new zodiac sign information was not true was simply because the Western world does no go off the zodiac that follows the position of the stars. This zodiac is called the Sidereal zodiac and is followed mainly by the Eastern world. Our Tropical zodiac goes off the seasons. This is why there is no new zodiac sign.

The new sign they were trying to push on us is called Ophiuchus. Many people were in an uproar. Some were even thinking about going to have their tattoos removed. Well never fear because there is no new zodiac sign.

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