NFL Hall Of Fame 2011

Could you imagine being in this league of amazing gentlemen? There are many players that fight tooth and nail to get into the hall. There are some new names for you to remember now but there is one name that should be in that isn’t. Who is not in the NFL hall of fame 2011 that should be?

The NFL hall of fame 2011 has snubbed Cortez Kennedy. Even though the stats say that he should be in. Maybe he wasn’t flashy but he did get the job done for the Seahawks during the 11 years that he had a career in the NFL. The NFL hall of fame 2011 is the 3rd year in a row that he has fallen short.

The reason that he has fallen short is because he has had so many skilled players up against him. I suppose it is better for us that we get to see more great players but it’s no fun when you deserve to be in but you don’t get to go. This is especially true when it’s 3 years in a row. Even though he hasn’t made it into the NFL Hall Of Fame 2011 maybe he will make it next year.

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