2011 New Zodiac Signs: The 13th Sign?

Have you heard that the horoscope is going to change? Maybe you have heard that there is a 13th sign now. The name of this sign is supposedly Ophiuchus. Is this true about 2011 new zodiac signs?

Well the truth about 2011 new zodiac signs is no. There is no new sign even though the star gazers got us all upset about it. They thought that there was a new sign because the Earth had shifted due to being wobbly on it’s axis. What they did not know is that the 2011 new zodiac signs would not effect the Tropical zodiac.

In the Western world we use the Tropical zodiac which goes off the seasons. In the Eastern world they go off the Sidereal zodiac which goes off of the position of the stars. There is no need to be in an uproar because the report was faulty. Now you know the truth about the 2011 new zodiac signs.


  1. MurielGrinde says:

    When i was younger, i always believed that i was a Taurus, but know it seems like that was nothing but a ridiculous lie! The scoundrels! Now i am this stupid new sign called Gemini! Who’d have thought it!!!

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