Dana Carvey: SNL

If you are in the younger crowd then you may not remember this man too much. He is mainly famous for being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. You may have seen him on Wayne’s World however. The man I am talking about is Dana Carvey.

Dana Carvey returned to Saturday Night Live last night. He is one of the shows favorite albums and was the guest host. What was the best part was that he brought back two of the most beloved characters which made him famous. If you watched last night you would have seen the show opened with Mike Myers as Wayne and Dana Carvey as Garth.

There were so pretty funny moments as they set the theme at the Oscars and made mention of “Winter’s Bone” a few times. This duo looked a little older than the last time that we saw them but they were still very funny. Wayne said a big NOT after they said the film to win best picture would be The Social Network. Dana Carvey was hilarious along side Mike Myers last night.

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