Google IO: The Real Deal

There are a lot of different questions when it comes to this event. Are you interested in going to the event? The event is going to be on May 10th and 11th 2011. There are many people interested in going to Google IO.

Google IO is a two day conference that is held annually. This conference is developer-focused. If you are going you will be in Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Google IO is going to be great for people that are interested in the high technical parts of web building, mobile and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies.

If you are ready to register and get your early bird registration by April 16th 2011 you only need to pay $450. People that do not get the early bird registration are going to have to pay $550. Interested in going to the BootCamp? You have to go to Google IO and pay another $100 bucks.

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