Chris Klein arrested for DUI, again

“Election” and “American Pie” star Chris Klein was arrested for DUI when he returned a number in excess of .20 on his Breathalyzer exam. Not much room for doubt there when you consider that .08 is the legal blood alcohol limit. Bail was set pricey at $25,000. Klein may be looking at some jail time according to California law since he has a prior DUI conviction on his record from 2004.
Chris Klein
So, aside from the fact that his blood alcohol content was more than double the legal limit. He had to get in the car and cruise down the 101 LA Freeway? One report says Chris might land himself with one of those ignition systems that won’t allow his car to crank if he’s drunk. Of course, that would only be if he were convicted, again, and the odds are not in his favor.

More examples need to be set, especially for celebrities who seem to forget the law applies to them, too. Innocent people are killed every day on the highway because of people who just can’t handle their liquor. Chris is lucky no one was hurt, or worse. Of course, even with an ignition interlock, drunk drivers can always just borrow someone else’s car, with or without permission. Stay off the road, ride with a friend, call a cab. It’s not just your life you are risking.

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