Current TV: Keith Olberman

What do you do if you don’t like the news? Well make your own news channel of course. At least that is what some people with money would. This is how Current TV was born.

Current TV was started August 2005. The reach of this network does not go very far. There are actually only 60 million homes that have this channel available. The profile of Current TV may be changed however once Keith Olberman comes on board.

As you probably know Keith Olberman just recently left MSNBC in January. Since he has a clause prohibiting him from joining another TV outlet we are not sure when he is going to be joining the team. He was MSNBC’s biggest ratings draw but he was suspended for contributions to politicians in KY and AZ. Maybe Current TV can help him get out of this jam.


  1. Francoise May says:

    I am a huge fan of Keith Olberman and stopped watching MSNBC since he lelft,in this age of amazingly mediocre corporate media,Keith is our only hope for a real honest thinker reporting the truth.How do i get Current T.V,i am with time warner in Palm Springs ,CA.Please let me know if it is available where i live.Thank you.Francoise May

  2. liz rives says:

    I’m glad they put him some place we won’t have to see him again. Most people have never heard of Current T V.

  3. veronica says:

    I am so happy that Keith is going to be back in another show, I don’t understand his departure from MSNBC, So having return the tele, is so wonderful, Please Tell us when he will be on, Please . Love you Keith.

  4. carol grace says:

    hey when is keith on where is current t.v. can we get it in alabama threw services of knology or charter services please respond e-mail

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