X Men First Class Trailer

If you are like me then you have loved the last movies from this series. The comics were great and I was very afraid to see if the movies were going to do them justice. Most of them have done a pretty good job. What about the X Men first class trailer?

There are some mixed feelings about the X Men first class trailer. Most of the reviews are actually negative. Even the director was not sure that he liked how things turned out. He said the Photoshop was less than amateur. Maybe this is true but I am going to wait for the movie to judge that instead of just going off the X Men first class trailer.

This movie is an attempt to correct the mistakes that they saw in the last two movies. Hopefully it will set things off in a better direction. Viewers are going to be able to enjoy a setting back in the 1960s when no one knew about the mutants. What you are going to find is that the leaked description of the X Men first class trailer is not very different from the actual trailer.


  1. Alias says:

    I like it,looks promising

  2. Sixsense says:

    Most of the reviews seem pretty positive from what I see. A few thousand likes on the video and only a dozen dislikes.

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