Lindsay Lohan White Dress

So who in the world would wear a super short and tight dress to court? No respectable person right? Well I wouldn’t exactly say that. Did you see the Lindsay Lohan white dress?

The Lindsay Lohan white dress was something that got a lot of press that is for sure. Some people are applauding her for making a statement and even going out to buy the dress that she wore. There are other people that are saying “what were you thinking?” I am kind of on the fence about the Lindsay Lohan white dress.

Her statement was that she was innocent. She wanted to wear white to show people that she did not steal the necklace that she was accused of stealing. I am not sure that she made that statement very well with the dress but she may have distracted the judge a little bit. Whatever her strategy was the Lindsay Lohan white dress is selling like hotcakes!

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