Sandra Rose: Who Is This Chick?

There are a lot of people wondering who this girl is. The only way that they know about her name is because she is trending on Twitter. There are literally thousands of people tweeting about her. Sandra Rose seems to be pretty popular today.

This isn’t too different from any other day for Sandra Rose except for the fact that Rihanna tweeted about her. She was not happy about the fact that she was writing negative things about her. She actually tweeted to Rihanna that she was going to unfollow her because she dropped the the restraining order against Chris. You really would think that Chris beat her up instead of Rihanna. Sandra Rose writes a lot of controversial posts on her blogs.

Even though there are a lot of controversial posts people seem to love her site. She has a huge following. There are 16,000 followers on her Twitter account. Whatever, I hope that the name Sandra Rose goes off the trending because I think it’s all unimportant.

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