Lindsay Lohan White Dress: A Do Or Don’t Dress?

There were quite a few eyebrows raised when Lindsay stepped out for her big day in court. They weren’t raised because they were so worried about her charge of thievery. They were looking at her clothes. The Lindsay Lohan white dress has more than a few people talking.

The Lindsay Lohan white dress was all over the news. The internet was buzzing about the dress. Was it a do or a don’t and much more. In my opinion the Lindsay Lohan white dress would not be my pick to go to court but she said she wanted to make a statement.

The statement that was supposed to have been made was that she was innocent. This is why she wore white. I guess she didn’t think that she could have worn a longer less tight dress that was white. Whatever the case the Lindsay Lohan white dress is flying off shelves now.

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