Mexico vs France proves the North Americans are for real

Teetering on the brink of destruction in the second round Mexico vs France match, everyone was looking for certain people to excel. Both teams couldn’t believe a loss or tie would do them any good. France was looking to show the world cup that their first game was a fluke. Obviously, it wasn’t, or Mexico soccer is much more advanced than anyone thought.

Mexico vs France World Cup 2010 was looked at from several angles, but no on guessed the angle that mattered. Probably, the more important events were those that didn’t happen. France wasn’t more aggressive than in their first match and the players who were supposed to make a difference didn’t. Mexico was supposed to be awed by the French team, and they weren’t.

Of the unexpected things that happened, the most interesting was where the goals came from. Mexico soccer wasn’t expecting to get deliverance from two guys off the bench. Of course, a win is a win by whatever method you get it. Javier Hernandez and Cuauhtemoc Blanco made the plays, and right now, they’re the heroes of Mexico.

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