Lindsay Lohan White Dress: Innocent Or Inappropriate?

What a lot of talk has been going on about this dress. Not only has there been people talking about the dress but the dress has been selling out like crazy. The $575 Kimberly Ovitz “Glavis” dress is sold out from online retailers nationwide. Who would have ever thought that the Lindsay Lohan white dress would have made people go so crazy.

lindsay lohan white dressI can understand why the Lindsay Lohan white dress sold out. She was using it to show that she was innocent of robbing that necklace. The people that support her simply decided they would show their support by buying up all of the dresses. Was the Lindsay Lohan white dress innocent or inappropriate though?

There were many people that thought the tight, white little number was just too much for court. Maybe she was trying to distract the judge as well. On Twitter Lohan commented that it was insane that her outfit would make front page news. Don’t worry Lindsay the “Lindsay Lohan white dress” will be old news after your next court appearance.


  1. Bubba Nicholson says:

    Actually, Lindsay Lohan IS innocent. She’s been born again, in the chemical sense. From now on, Ms. Lohan will be a model of propriety and ambition. Indeed, we are all going to be very proud of her.

  2. Carole Clarke says:

    The dress was to show its all about her. Bet she got the idea from that film with Sharon Stone bearing her private parts to stun her accusers. For those who think she’s just some dumb chick, think again. How many times has she been caught, gone to court and gotten off? Dumb like a fox. The sad thing is – we let her! Why does the judge keep letting her off? She was never famous or talented to begin with – dumb chick has the system snowed!

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