Maksim Gelman: Caught After Stabbing Multiple People

No one can ever be too sure what is going on in someone else’s mind. There are some people that I would never want to see what is going on in their mind. One of these minds would be the mind of a cold blooded killer. Police were looking for Maksim Gelman after he stabbed several people and hit a pedestrian.

Maksim Gelman was later caught after stabbing his final victim. This all started out when the 23 year old stabbed his stepfather Aleksandr Kuznetsov number times early Friday. The 54 year old man’s body was found inside his home after a 911 call was received. This was the first victim of Maksim Gelman but not the last.

Just a few blocks away there was another stabbing. Gelman’s girlfriend and her mother were the victims. They were 20 year old Yelena Bulchenko and 56 year old Anna Bulchenko. Maksim Gelman stole a Lexus, hijacked a car, hit a pedestrian that later died and was soon caught after attacking his last victim.

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