Lindsay Lohan White Dress: I’m Innocent Or It’s All About Me?

Want to make front page news? All you have to do is wear a tight little dress to court. No, it’s not quite that easy because you must also be a famous veteran actress who was accused of robbery. Everyone has been talking about the Lindsay Lohan white dress.

The Lindsay Lohan white dress has been all over the search engines, twitter and other social networks since she wore it to court. There are some people that actually believe her when she said she wore it to show her innocence. There are other people that believe that it went right along with her all about me attitude. I think the Lindsay Lohan white dress was over the top for a court appearance.

Kimberly Ovitz probably does not mind the publicity that is buzzing around her “Glavis” dress. It’s pretty awesome to have it all over the news and even flying off the shelves since Lohan wore it in front of everyone at her court appearance. You can’t even find it in bigger sizes or different colors. People are desperate to get the Lindsay Lohan white dress or any other color really.


  1. Lenny says:

    I’m proud she’s staying sober hopefully she gets set free so she can be done with the bull for good

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