Lindsay Lohan White Dress: Look At Me Everyone

Sure, I loved the Parent Trap as much as you did but what is going on with this girl? She is in and out of rehab and now she is accused of robbing a necklace. I hope that her latest reformation really lasts. I am doubting it though with the latest Lindsay Lohan white dress news.

The Lindsay Lohan white dress was said to be making a statement. Lindsay said that the statement that was being made was of how innocent she was. Maybe that would have worked if it wouldn’t have been so short and tight. The Lindsay Lohan white dress was not that appropriate for court.

There are a lot of people that love Lindsay and I am rooting for her too but this latest stunt was not one of the brightest points in her career. I do not think that she stole the necklace but I do think that she stole a lot of headlines with her outfit. Why can’t you just wear something normal? Lindsay was fussing because the Lindsay Lohan white dress made headlines but really who can blame us for writing about something so utterly inappropriate?

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