Lady Gaga Egg: Lady Gaga Grammys 2011

When you think that all has been done it hasn’t. When you think that the stars can not get any crazier they do. I guess it keeps things fresh but this is the strangest thing I have seen. I am talking about the Lady Gaga egg.

lady gaga eggThe Lady Gaga egg was a real surprise. She promised us that she would do something interesting and she sure did. It does not surprise me as much as if someone “normal” would do it but it’s still crazy. Take a look at the Lady Gaga egg.

What was so funny is that she was able to talk to Ryan Seacrest through her egg. Who wouldn’t want to be carried around by four people in an egg? Well I’m not sure that I would want to be but I might try it. What do you think about the Lady Gaga egg?

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