Jeremy London says this kind of help I don’t need

We often think that people who are in the acting profession don’t have to get involved in the everyday tragedies of life. Jeremy London probably had no idea when he left home how his day was going to pan out. Looking back, he shouldn’t have left home. In the middle of the day with a flat tire, he received help from “the little people.”

You have to believe that Jeremy London is a good dude. When guys on foot help you with a flat, they’ve got to be expecting something in return, and he gave them a ride. Unfortunately for Jeremy, these guys weren’t good Samaritans. Kidnapping the actor followed with a twelve hour ordeal in which Jeremy was forced to use drugs.

A little while after midnight, Jeremy London got away from his captors, who still had his car. When the car was found later in the neighborhood of one of the kidnappers, an arrest was made. The other man is still at large who was a part of the crime, and Jeremy, who is a recovering addict, is at home with family. The interesting twist on this story, and the part that is hard to believe, is that we have an actor who was made to take drugs, while there are plenty of actors and actresses who would have chased the car down for the opportunity. Go figure.

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