MTSU Shooting: Shooter Arrested

The ivy halls are supposed to be a place where you can learn and be safe. Most of the time this is true but Monday a little bit before noon this was not true. Apparently two student began to fight and a weapon was pulled. There are really not a lot of details on why this MTSU shooting happened.

mtsu shootingThe MTSU shooting had many people wondering what was going to happen. At noon the campus sent out an alert to notify the students and staff about the problem and told them to stay where they were. This alert did not last for long because the suspect was apprehended. The person believed to be responsible for shooting the other student in the hand and causing a minor wound is sure to be in big trouble.

After the shooter was caught the campus sent out an email to let everyone know that things were back to normal and that the weapon was confiscated. The business and aerospace building had been closed down because of the shooting but it is now reopened. The surrounding area is being reopened as well. Thankfully the MTSU shooting did not results in any fatalities.

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