Bonnaroo 2011: Who To Look For At Bonnaroo

Have you ever attended this huge music festival? The goers are very hardcore and excited about the booths and music. I worked the event once for a music company and I would just have to say that it was interesting. Bonnaroo 2011 is sure to top the events in the past.

If you go to Bonnaroo 2011 who can you expect to see? Here are just a few of the names that you should look for: Eminem, The Black Keys, Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale, Lil Wayne, Robert Plant and Band of Joy, Gregg Allman, Ratatat and many more. After Eminem appeared in the Super Bowl commercial I am sure more people are going to be excited to see him. Maybe Bonnaroo 2011 will get more people interested in Eminem again.

Eminem is not the only rapper that is going to be at the event however as you can see. Lil Wayne is going to be hitting the stage one night. I wonder if there is going to be a face off between Eminem and Lil Wane, that would be interesting. Make sure to get there early because the traffic for Bonnaroo 2011 is going to be crazy.

Check out the full Bonnaro Lineup for 2011.

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