Elycia Turnbow: Fight With Frankie Muniz

The fur was flying in the Turnbow Muniz house the other night. Neither of them can seem to agree. It seems that they were fussing with each other about “past relationships” when things got messy. Elycia Turnbow and Frankie did not have the same story for the cops.

Elycia Turnbow claims that Frankie grabbed his gun and put it to his head. She said after that she called his friends to take him to the hospital. Frankie however says that is not true and that he went to the hospital because he fell and hit his head. Elycia Turnbow said that was not the worst of it.

After Frankie got back from the hospital they started fighting again. She says that he punched her in the back of the head and made her fall down. Frankie said he was sleeping and that she came into the room and slapped him. Who do you think is right, Elycia Turnbow or Frank Muniz?

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