Stupidity: R Wee Gettin Stupider?

Ok, so I am just kidding with the title but this is how it could get if we continue to allow technology to take over our lives and our minds. Have you noticed how lax we have gotten with our spelling and grammar now that there is texting and email in use all of the time. There are very few people that use proper English all of the time. What can we do to combat the stupidity?

With stupidity running rampant we need to take steps against it. There are so many people that do not have the common sense to think for themselves anymore. They have used the internet, phone applications and other pieces of technology to get their information on demand. When they need to use their own brain all that we can find is stupidity.

If you do not want to have a revolt again a big fat case of the dumb-dumbs pick up a book and read something that is well written. You may also want to try watching an educational television show (reality tv does not count). Get into relationships with people who care about the pursuit of knowledge. Stop stupidity today.

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