Scottish Deerhound: Westminster Dog Show Winner

This year there was a great show of breeds at the Westminster dog show. Owners and pets were looking their best and going through the paces. The judges had a hard time picking but in the end it was no competition. The winner of the show was a Scottish Deerhound.

scottish deerhoundThe Scottish Deerhound took the big prize at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Tuesday night. This dog was a female who was named Foxliffe Hickory Wind. She is the first of her breed to win the big prize. The Scottish Deerhound was 3rd place in last year’s competition so I guess she was ready for the big win this time.

The dog’s handler Angela Lloyd said that the dog was not used to the big venue last year. Miss Foxliffe Hickory Wind was used to chasing squirrels on their farm. Well I guess she got used to the big city. This Scottish Deerhound is a beautiful dog.

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