Fox News Caught: Switching The Footage

I have to admit that me and my family have liked Fox news most of the time. They seem to really give you the news that most others will not. Well this time I am not on their side at all. Fox news caught switching the footage made my blood boil.

fox news caughtWhen fox news caught came out I couldn’t believe that they would pull such a thing. What they did was show footage of Ron Paul from this year. When they did this they showed CPAC footage from 2011. This would make you believe that he was booed this year but no that’s not true and the news of fox news caught was spread all over like wild fire.

One man of the Ron Paul forums confirmed that he was at both of the events and that the footage shown was incorrect. How can we trust the news if they are going to purposely play tricks such as these? I would hope that they openly apologize to Ron Paul. I am sure there are going to be more stories about Fox news caught.


  1. Ann says:

    Fox ran wrong footage last month when they showed clips of palm trees and an ocean (California footage) when showing Wisconsin protests. Yesterday, 3/27/11 at 8:03 EST, Fox ran footage of Wisconsin (they were wearing Wisconsin sweatshirts) when showing protests of London and the protest against the Libyan involvement.

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