Natalie Munroe Blog: Teachers Gone Crazy

If it isn’t a teacher that is getting locked up for being inappropriate with one of her students she is getting slammed for having inappropriate photos online. This time there is another reason that a teach her gotten suspended. She was trash talking her students. The Natalie Munroe blog had some seriously inappropriate things written.

natalie munroeThe Natalie Munroe blog featured her rants and raving against students. These were riddled with profanity as well as calling her students lazy whiners. All of the content was very unflattering to this teacher. She defended her Natalie Munroe blog saying that she did not believe that she did anything wrong.

Maybe it was not as big of a deal as some people made it but I do believe it was not right for the teacher to openly bash students, other teacher and even her bosses in the blog. She did not mention the name of the school or the names of any other students so that may have saved her hide. Her name on the blog however was Natalie M. The Natalie Munroe blog even had a picture of her on it but it has since been taken down.

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