Albert Pujols: Negotiation Deadline Passes

The St. Louis Cardinals better have a plan ready and quick. The negotiation deadlines with one of their star players has passed. If they do not do something quick he is going to become a free agent after the season. Albert Pujols stands to either get some big money from the Cardinals or another team that is ready to steal away his talents.

Albert Pujols is a standout slugger and a first baseman. A spokesman for the St. Louis Cardinals says that they did make a substantial long term offer but will it be enough? Apparently they think so because they also said they feel good about the offer and feel that it realized his iconic status. They say they are keeping the details quiet because of confidentiality issues. I think that Albert Pujols is playing them like a violin.

He can pretty much name his price if you ask me. He leads all actives players in batting average, slugging percentage and on base percentage. They would be crazy if they let him slip through their fingers. Just give Albert Pujols what he is worth!

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