Harvey Updyke: Tree Killer!

My husband is from Alabama so I know how intense the rivalry can be between Auburn and Alabama. For some reason it seems that teams that are in the same state are more vicious against each other. Well one man went a little bit too far. This man’s name is Harvey Updyke.

harvey updykeHarvey Updyke is a 62 year old unemployed man. He has been accused of poisoning the old Oak trees. Not just any old oak trees but the 130 year old Toomer’s Oak trees which as the landmark at Auburn Unversity. Harvey Updyke was apparently upset and decided that he was going to destroy the gathering place for Auburn victory celebrations.

It is believed that he poured a lethal dose of herbicide on the trees. There have been other stunts pulled on the trees but nothing this serious. Usually it’s just toilet paper. Harvey Updyke took it too far when he poised the trees.

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