Cassy Herkelman: Makes The Boys Back Down?

It’s not very often that girls are in wrestling. If you are going to be a girl that wrestles you might as well go all of the way though right? 2 high school girls made history recently. One of these girls was Cassey Herkelman and the other was Megan Black.

Cassy Herkelman is a freshman and Megan Black is a sophomore. They were the first two girls ever to be able to compete in the Iowa state wrestling tournament. After 85 years of tournaments there has never been a girl competitor. Well Cassy Herkelman would have none of that.

Not only did she go to the tournament but she also won by default. Joel Northrup would not wrestle a girl so he stepped down. He said that it went against his values and faith to be violent towards girls. Cassy Herkelman and her family said that they understood and that they respected the decision.

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