Bob Sanders: Free Agent

There is not pressure you just have to find a new NFL team to play for. This may have been what Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said to the veteran safety Friday. They were trying to work out a new deal before the roll over of the new league calender but it doesn’t look like that happened. Bob Sanders is a free agent now.

The Colts and Bob Sanders were trying to work out a new deal but things were already pretty sweet for this Colt’s safety. He was signed having a $37.5 million deal in 2007. He was due $5.5 million in 2011 with a $500,00 workout bonus and then $7 million in 2012. He had already collected $25 million for the deal that he signed in 2007. Bob Sanders says that he does want to continue trying to play in the NFL.

Whoever is interested in him is free to give him any offer since he is a free agent. He is not subject to waivers and he can sign immediately with any team. I am sure it would be a little difficult to go from being an NFL star to a burger flipper. Good luck with finding a new team Bob Sanders.

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