Migraine Aura: Serene Branson Jibberish

What a terrifying night the Grammys were for Serene Branson. Hundreds of thousands of local viewers and now millions all over the world saw her fail to make the Grammy introduction. Once the video went on youtube it was viral. This has many people asking what is Migraine Aura?

migraine auraMigraine Aura is sometimes confused with a stroke as with Serene Branson’s cause. They thought that she had a stroke when really she was dealing with this condition. The symptoms are visual, language and sensory problems. The Migraine Aura just picked her big moment to shine to hit.

Serene Branson said that she experienced blurred vision, numbness and tingling in her face and hands. These are two big signs of this condition. Many of us saw the final set of symptoms: dysphasic language dysfunction. This is sure to get more people aware of Migraine Aura.

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