Jim Gray: Taken Off Golf Channel

After an argument with Dustin Johnson’s caddy Jim Gray was taken off the Golf Channel. He is always making some sort of fuss so it really was not surprising. Bobby Brown is the name of Dustin Johnson’s caddy. Jim Gray reported that Dustin Johnson was assessed a two-stroke penalty for nearly missing his tee time on Thursday.

Once Jim Gray reported this that is when him and the caddy got into an argument. Brown said that he gave Johnson the wrong tee time and took responsibility for the problem. The took of them went at it and it was quite a colorful exchange. Jim Gray didn’t hold back at all.

Johnson who is a four-time winner on the PGA Tour almost was disqualified so he got off lightly with the two-stroke penalty. Brown said Gray had no business talking about some rules incident with the golfer during play. The former singer has struggled with drugs in the past. Putting Jim Gray and Bobby Brown together was like an explosion waiting to happen.

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