Gail Posner leaves 3 million dollars to chihuahua Conchita

Conchita, the pet chihuahua of the late Gail Posner is used to sitting in the lap of luxury. That lap is now to the tune of a $3 million trust fund and an $8.3 million dollar estate. It’s nothing new to Conchita, however, as she’s used to a full time staff to cater to her and lavish her with expensive gifts. Most people’s dogs just would not know what to do with that kind of money.
Gail Posner and Conchita
Gail Posner’s son, Brett Carr, is fighting the will. Of course he is, since Posner left him a mere $1 million. The housekeeping staff and Posner’s bodyguards inherited a lump sum total of $26 million. No information has been expressed yet as to why Posner shortchanged her son.

What would your dog do with $3 million dollars? Nothing, and that’s just it. You’d think people with that much money would know that. As for Brett and his lawsuit, which is based on the suspicion his mother was coerced in her final days to make these will changes, we’ll just have to wait and see what the courts say.

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