Eric Saade: Why Is This Swedish Singer Trending?

There are a lot of trends going on Twitter that people are not quite sure why they are trending. One of these is a Swedish singer. This singer used to be with a boy band band called “What’s Up?” This singer named Eric Saade went solo in February 2009.

Eric Saade has helped to restore Sweden’s pride after the country’s poor showing in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is all thanks to his one minute appearance on the show. During Sweden’s Meldoifestivalen ( this is a search for their “Song of Europe” he lost out to Anna Bergendahl. Eric Saade and his hit single “Manboy” did not qualify.

So why is he trending on Twitter? He was on the Eurovision Song Contest and got all of the people in Sweden tweeting. If you go onto Twitter right now and click the trend you will see thousands of people tweeting about him. Eric Saade may have just achieved worldwide fame because of this!

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