Are Banks Open On Presidents Day?

So I was getting ready to go and do business today and I noticed that many of them were closed down. I started looking around and then I saw signs for President Day Sale 2011. Ah so that is the problem, it’s a holiday! This leads many people to the question Are banks open on presidents day?

If you are asking “Are banks open on presidents day?” I am going to have to say that’s most likely a no. If you need money badly enough you may want to go to a payday advance place since they rarely ever close. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear when you asked “Are banks open on Presidents Day?”

Instead of getting a payday advance I would suggest that you use your lowest interest visa card or other credit card. Payday advance stores will charge you up to 300% interest if you do not pay them back quickly. I understand that you do not like it when the banks are closed. I wish I would have asked “Are banks open on presidents day?” before I went out and started trying to pay bills.

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