Amanda Knox Story

If you are up for a good movie tonight you should check this one out. It will be on at 9pm Eastern 8pm Central time. Hayden Panettiere is one of my favorite stars and she is going to be playing the main role. The Amanda Knox story is surely going to be something that sticks in your mind after watching it.

The Amanda Knox Story is going to be a movie that really makes you think. Hayden Panettiere say she is not sure if the girl she is playing is innocent or not. I know that the Italian government believes that she is guilty. Hopefully the Amanda Knox Story will get more people interested in the outcome of things.

If you have cable internet phone services you will be able to see the movie tonight. I for one am going to be watching because I had not been following the trial as closely as I should have been. I know that this girl wished you would have used an international moving company and got back home. Make sure you do not miss the Amanda Knox Story tonight at 9pm Eastern on Lifetime.

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