Controversial call costs U.S. winning World Cup goal

In the World Cup match 2010 between Slovenia and the United States on Friday (June 18), a game determining foul call by Referee Koman Coulibaly cost the U.S. the game winning goal. The game ended in 2-2 tie. Referee Coulibaly called the foul against U.S. defender Carlos Bocanegra just before Maurice Edu scored from around six yards. What Coulibaly apparently didn’t see was all the other fouls in the penalty area being committed by a number of players.
U.S. and Slovenia World Cup 2010
The foul that cost the U.S. the game was committed when Bocanegra had his arms around Slovenia’s Jejc Pecnik, preventing him from leaping for the ball. In the meantime, at least two American players were being fouled against in the penalty area by Slovenian players. But Coulibaly did not see those fouls. He did, however, do his job by calling the one he did see.

In the first minute of the game, however, fans should note that U.S. Clint Dempsey caught Ljubijankic in the face with his elbow in a leap by both to head the ball. Dempsey went uncarded, and instead Coulibaly gave four yellow cards to Slovenia and only one to the United States. Coulibaly called it like he saw it, and based on the activity in the penalty area, the foul call could just have easily been called against Slovenia instead. The U.S. needs to move on and focus their energies instead on winning against Algeria, which will give them a chance to play in the knockout rounds.

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