Somali Pirates: 4 Americans Killed

It is hard to believe but there actually are pirates still out there today. It can seem like something out of a movie but in some areas it is a real problem that you need to think about. Traveling on a cruise ship you usually won’t have to think about it but there were two couples that found out the seriousness of this problem. Somali

samoli piratesSomali pirates shoot two couples, from California and Seattle, who had been on an around-the-world sailing trip when they were taken hostage off of Oman. They may have been thinking about an individual health plan but I doubt they would have ever thought that they would need to think about general casualty insurance. This was a huge shock to family members and the grieving process has just begun. Somali pirates have been a big problem in this area.

The names of the two couples have been released and the names are Jean and Scott Adam of Marina del Rey and the other couple are Phyllis Macay and Robert Riggle of Seattle. The US special operations team boarded the vessel that was hijacked, killed two of the pirates and also captured the rest but this was not in time to save the lives of the ships owners and riders. I am sure that when they got on the yacht Quest they did not think Somali pirates would attack them.

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