Jessica Hahn: Sex Scandals And Calling Out Barbara Walters

The View has been having some very interesting guests on this last week. They sure do know how to spike the ratings that is for sure. I know there has been an increased number of viewers this week just interested in the drama. Jessica Hahn was the guest February 22nd.

Jessica HahnJessica Hahn was/is an American model and actress. This is not what got her the most famous however. What made her famous was her affair with televangelist Jim Bakker. I wonder if she ever tried the zone diet to keep that gorgeous figure or if it were cheap liposuction. Whatever it was she was able to snare televangelist Jim Bakker.

When she was on The View Barbara Walters was really giving it to her about sleeping with a married man. Hahn turned it around and said, wait didn’t you do the same thing? Barbara said that they were not talking about her life. Jessica Hahn really surprised Barbara Walters with this quip that was oh so true!

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