National Margarita Day 2011

Another holiday? Man you really can pick just about any day and it’s some sort of day. I tell you what day I would like “National I want a florida home loan” day. If you are celebrating National Margarita Day 2011, why not be in gorgeous Florida or maybe California?

national margarita day 2011National Margarita Day 2011 was most likely thought up by the people making money off the day. Whatever reason there are many people that are very excited about it and will be celebrating. This drink was made up way back in 1934 and has since been a favorite of many. This is why National Margarita Day 2011 is going to have so many attendees.

There are different ways to have this drink. Maybe you rim your glass with celery salt and lime, add lime juice and your favorite tequila. If you decide you do not want the alcohol you can of course have a virgin Margarita. Really on National Margarita Day 2011 you can have it however you want it, just be careful how much you drink or you may be looking for an extended stay Tampa if you took my suggestion of going to Florida.

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