Derek Jeter Mansion

All I can say is that I hope that this guy has some good Florida home owners insurance. This house is easily going to be the biggest in Tampa. Construction has been going on with this monstrosity since 2008. The Derek Jeter mansion is going to be awesome.

derek jeter mansionThe Derek Jeter mansion was mentioned by the owner of the New York Yankees. Ok well it wasn’t exactly mentioned but everyone knew who he was talking about. Hank Steinbrenner said that the team wasn’t hungry enough for a win and that was why they didn’t win; he went on to say that they should be more concerned about winning and not building mansions. He did not say the “Derek Jeter mansion” though.

Jeter just smiled and laughed it off. He said that owners can say what they want to say. He also went on to say that the team was hungry for a win but they were beat by players that were better than they were. I think that he had a pretty good attitude after the slam of the Derek Jeter mansion.

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